Homes for Leisure. Voorwaarden ( Homes for Leisure is een handelsnaam van Homeport BV)



Article 1.         Terms used

The terms used in this Article are exclusively used in the meaning as described in this Article, in so far as these terms are written with a capital letter.

Homes For Leisure 
Homeport B.V., based in 3447 GE  Woerden the Netherlands, at Tjaskermolen 1-7, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 55573711.

The Use Agreement between Homes for Leisure and the User, consisting of these Conditions of Use, the Rules of Use, the privacy policy and the cookie policy.

The service Homes for Leisure offers relates exclusively to the provision of an international property market on the Internet for Offering Parties and Users under the conditions of this Agreement.

Any Website user, whether an Offering Party, someone perusing the content of the Website, a Business Partner with regard to information and services on the Website, being a natural person or legal entity, irrespective of whether he uses technical resources for this use such as metacrawlers, spyders, spybots or other kinds of software which are used for independently gathering data via the Internet.

Offering Party The User who offers property via the Website.

The information relating to a property that the Offering Party loads into the Database with the aim of offering this property for sale or rent to other Users via the Website.

The Homes For Leisure.com website including all related software, Databases and Content.

The electronic information as included on the Website and in the Database, consisting of text, addresses, e-mail addresses, hyperlinks, images including photos and video files, legal conditions, model documents and details of business partners.

Homes for Leisure’s Database, which is accessible from the Website containing Content from the Offering Parties.

A technical command that refers to Homes for Leisure website or to a separate page therein containing Content.

Business Partner
A natural person or legal entity with whom Homes for Leisure has made business arrangements with regard to using and/or offering services to Users via the Website.

Article 2.         General

2.1.      The Use Agreement between Homes for Leisure and the User becomes effective simply by the User's Use of the Website and consists of these General Conditions of Use, the Rules of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

2.2.      The purpose of the Use Agreement is make additional provisions between Homes for Leisure and the User in accordance with the applicable law, as stated in
Article 13.

2.3.      The subject of the Use Agreement is the services offered by Homes for Leisure to all Website Users and the Content in general and the Offering Parties thereof in particular.

2.4.      Users are advised to download and print these Conditions of Use.

2.5.      Homes for Leisure may modify the Conditions of Use by publishing the new version on the Website. The new conditions shall apply from the moment of publication.

Article 3.         The Service

3.1.      The Service, for Offering Parties, consists of enabling Content to be uploaded relating to property, further to be specified as second homes and holiday homes, under conditions to be indicated by Homes for Leisure and under the conditions of the Agreement, in a Database that is made accessible and public through the www.HomesforLeisure.com Website.

3.2.      The Service, for Users, consists of using the Website, which consists of the ability to peruse the Content contained in the Database, free of charge and under the conditions of the Agreement.

3.3.      The Service, for Business Partners, consists of providing the ability to offer information and services to Users via the Website at conditions to be indicated by Homes for Leisure and under the conditions of a further relevant agreement.

Article 4.         Permitted use, abuse and non-permitted use

4.1.      The User is permitted to download a single copy of the material made available on the website for personal use which is aimed at loading or perusing Content on the Website.

4.2.      The User is permitted to independently introduce Hyperlinks from a different website, Internet application or e-mail, in so far as the purpose of this use is to alert other Users to the Content within the frames of Homes for Leisure’s Website.

4.3.      Condition for the Permitted Use is that the User behaves as may be expected from a responsible and careful Internet user.

4.4.      The User is not permitted to use the (content of the) website for activities and/or behaviour which is contrary to the law, public order or morality.

4.5.      The User must refrain from abusing the Website and Content, which shall in all events include:

4.5.a.   infringing or otherwise acting contrary to the intellectual property rights of Homes for Leisure and/or third parties;

4.5.b.   making detrimental, wrongful or misleading statements;

4.5.c.   distributing legally prohibited material;

4.5.d.   evading or removing (parts of) the Website security with the purpose of illegally copying Content, further distributing it or publishing it outside the context of the Website or otherwise modifying it;

4.5.e.   hacking the Website or the Server(s) on which the Website and/or Content is located, or circumventing any security measures made to it, or attempting in any other way to hinder or influence the uninterrupted operation of the Website and/or Content.

4.6.      The User is not permitted to copy, change, distribute, circulate the Website and/or Content, to reverse engineer, to decompile or to use, publish, duplicate and/or circulate and/or use this in any other way without Homes for Leisure's prior written consent, to the extent that this would damage Homes for Leisure’s interests, those of its Business Partners and/or Users, all according to Homes for Leisure's opinion exclusively.

4.7.      The User is not permitted to use any automated system or program or to try to use one, such as - although not limited to - so-called webcrawlers and spiders, with the aim of forcing entry to, using or copying and gathering the Website, the Content or the System, other than via the www. HomesforLeisure.com  website and with the purposes as explicitly permitted under the Agreement.

4.8.      The User is not permitted to access the Content on the Website or to have it accessed using so-called deeplinks on other websites or in other software and systems, without Homes for Leisure’s prior written consent.

Article 5.         Registration; providing correct information

5.1.      To the extent that the User is obliged to register his information on the Website using a registration form, the User shall vouch for the completeness and accuracy of the information he has provided.

5.2.      All Users shall receive a unique and personal user ID, which may not be shared with others and with regard to which the User undertakes to immediately notify Homes for Leisure if unauthorised use by a third party has become possible.

5.3.      Homes for Leisure is entitled to accept or reject a registration and to temporarily or permanently block use of the Website and/or the Content by Users, without notification or prior statement of reasons.

Article 6.         Liability and indemnification

6.1.      In the event of Abuse or any use by the User other than in accordance with the previous article or which, based on local Legislation, is expressly permitted, the User shall be liable for all direct and consequential damages, including trading losses, which may arise from this Use for Homes for Leisure, its Users and/or its Business Partners.

6.2.      With the exception of intent and/or gross negligence on the part of Homes for Leisure, Homes for Leisure's liability towards the User and/or third parties shall be excluded for:

6.2.a.   the content of its Website or any Content contained therein, of Homes for Leisure, third parties or Offering Parties;

6.2.b.   the content of websites that are linked in any way to Homes for Leisure's website, for example through hyper(text)link(s) or metatag(s) or any other kind, for example text references;

6.2.c.   (the content of the) services and/or information of third parties that is offered in any way through Homes for Leisure’s websites;

6.2.d.   the use of cookies;

6.2.e.   damage arising from or relating to the use of Content by the User;

6.2.f.    damage resulting from the use of electronic means for communicating with its website(s), including - but not limited to - damage resulting from non-delivery or delay in delivering electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software/hardware that is used for electronic communication and transferring viruses;

6.2.g.   damage resulting from faults in Homes for Leisure's technical infrastructure or that of its suppliers.

Article 7.         User Indemnifications

7.1.      The User acknowledges that:

7.1.a.   Homes for Leisure does not provide any guarantees that the Website offered and/or the Content thereon is up to date, complete, correct and/or accurate, or that it is free from errors, defects and/or viruses and that Homes for Leisure cannot guarantee that such deficiencies, errors, defects and/or viruses shall be rectified;

7.1.b.   the User has an obligation to have the accuracy of the Content offered examined;

7.1.c.   in the context of the Agreement, Homes for Leisure may be viewed exclusively as an information intermediary and as such is not involved in the conclusion and/or execution of agreements and/or orders between Users, Offering Parties and/or Homes for Leisure Business Partners themselves.

7.2.      The User indemnifies Homes for Leisure against all damages resulting from third party agreements relating to the User's infringement of or failure to comply with the Conditions of Use, or against third party claims relating to or arising from the Use of the Website and/or the User's provision of Content on which third party rights are vested.

7.3.      The User indemnifies Homes for Leisure against all consequences of contacts and/or agreements and/or orders between Users, Offering Parties and/or Homes for Leisure Business Partners that may or may not be established, arising from the Use of the Website and/or Content.

Article 8.         Force majeure

8.1.      Force majeure is understood to mean:

8.1.a.   a shortcoming that cannot be attributed to Homes for Leisure as this shortcoming is not due to Homes for Leisure, and that shall not be for its account in accordance with the law, legal act or common opinion;

8.1.b.   the event that Homes for Leisure, because of a (an attributable) shortcoming, act of carelessness or wrongful behaviour of its suppliers and/or third parties in its regard is not able to comply with the Agreement;

8.1.c.   a disturbance or interruption in the use options of the Website and/or the Content irrespective of how this arose;

8.1.d.   defective supplies and/or attributable failure to perform by one or more of Homes for Leisure's suppliers;

8.1.e.   the situation that observance of the agreement by Homes for Leisure has become impossible for an extended period whereby, in the event that the suspension period lasts for longer than sixty days, both parties are authorised to fully or partially dissolve the agreement, without, in that event, creating an obligation to pay any damages.

Article 9.         Intellectual property rights on Website, Content, Database

9.1.      All intellectual property rights relating to the Website, the Content and the Database that is the basis thereof, rest exclusively with Homes for Leisure and/or its suppliers and/or its Business Partners.

9.2.      Within the meaning of this Article, intellectual property rights include all patent rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights, model rights, domain names and other intellectual property rights, in the Netherlands as well as the country in which the User is based, which rights relate to the Website, the Content and the software that is the basis thereof and Homes for Leisure in general, and which also include know-how and trade secrets.

9.3.      The User acknowledges that Homes for Leisure has a substantial economic interest in maintaining and using the structure and content of the database and that Homes for Leisure has made substantial investments, in respect of building the Database software as integrated into and forming the basis of the Website, as well as of acquiring the Content, which includes far-reaching investments in sales, marketing and developing the automated system.

9.4.      The User acknowledges Homes for Leisure's right to provide technical protection for the Website and its Content and agrees to waive passing on the costs of any technical protection measures.

9.5.      The User is prohibited from:

9.5.a.   changing, modifying or removing the trademark or identification marks, and/or any notices relating to copyrights, trade names or other intellectual property rights of Homes for Leisure or third parties, made to the Content, or to change, copy or imitate this Content or any parts thereof;

9.5.b.   using photos and/or images in the Content on which copyright or portrait right of a third party or third parties rests, without the rightholder's consent;

9.5.c.   using protected (trade)names and or logos belonging to third parties in the Content without the rightholder's prior consent, except in so far as this is permitted by law;

9.5.d.   placing Content in the Website with a Hyperlink or textual reference to a competing website or a website of an (estate) agency, other than in accordance with Homes for Leisure's Conditions of Use;

9.5.e.   placing advertisements with comparative or misleading text. Misleading text is text that does not, in the title, adequately describe the Content offered; comparative text is text in which wrongful comparisons are made between objects.

9.6.      In the event of an infringement of Homes for Leisure's intellectual property rights, the User is fully liable for the resulting damage to be suffered by Homes for Leisure and/or its suppliers and/or third parties.

9.7.      Homes for Leisure is entitled, in the event that the User places unsolicited ideas and/or Content, including, but not limited to, text, images, sounds, software and/or other information (the "Content") on the Website or forwards it to Homes for Leisure via e-mail or otherwise, to use it as Content, to copy it and/or use it commercially in the widest sense, without owing any compensation and Homes for Leisure shall not be required to keep the Content concerned secret.

Article 10.       Rates and payment

10.1.    The Offering Party shall not owe Homes for Leisure any payment, until any further order by Homes for Leisure, for placing Content as specified by Homes for Leisure.

10.2.    In so far as Homes for Leisure decides in the future that any payments or quid pro quo shall be owed for placing Content, the User shall be notified in this regard in advance, after which the User shall be offered ample opportunity to accept or refuse Homes for Leisure’s offer and to continue placing Content or not.

10.3.    Offering Parties and Business Partners shall, prior to offering and uploading additional information and/or Content, other than intended under 10.1, make a payment in accordance with the corresponding rates to be used and published by Homes for Leisure.

Article 11.       Applicability of User Rules, Privacy and Cookie Policy

11.1.    User Rules as well as a Privacy and Cookie Policy apply to the Use of the Website and the Content, which form an integral part of the Agreement.

Article 12.       General provisions

12.1.    To the extent that these conditions are declared partially invalid in legal proceedings or are otherwise invalid, the parties shall continue to be bound in full to the section that remains valid. Homes for Leisure shall, in that event, replace the invalid section with stipulations that are valid and of which the legal consequences, in view of the content and scope of these Conditions, correspond as much as possible with the invalid section.

12.2.    If Homes for Leisure decides not to enforce a provision, this does not imply that it renounces the right to do so at a later stage.

12.3.    With the exception of notifications relating to illegal or infringing material, messages from the User to Homes for Leisure must be forwarded by registered post to Homeport B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht, the Netherlands, under number 55573711.

12.4.    Notifications to the User shall be sent to the e-mail address you specified, or by registered post. Notifications made by registered post shall be considered to have been received five days after the postal date.

12.5.    Homes for Leisure may change these Conditions of Use; the changes shall come into force 30 days after their notification. Notification of changes shall always take place via Homes for Leisure's website and where possible by e-mail.

Article 13.       Applicable legal system and competent court

13.1.    The Conditions of Use are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes between Homes for Leisure and third parties arising from the Conditions shall be referred to the competent court in Amsterdam.

User Rules

Homes for Leisure's position
Homes for Leisure's aim is, as an information intermediary, to bring together offering parties and buyers of (second) homes. Apart from that, Homes for Leisure is in no way whatsoever involved in actual transactions between Offering Parties and Users. Moreover, Homes for Leisure cannot exercise any control on the quality or substance of the advertised objects, the accuracy of the offers, the authorisation of advertisers to sell objects and the authorisation of buyers to buy objects. Homes for Leisure's services may only be accessed by people who are in a position to conclude legally binding agreements. Without prejudice to the above, these services are never accessible to people under 18 years of age.

Homes for Leisure shall never be party to an agreement that is concluded between advertiser and buyer by using the site. Any dispute among Users themselves and/or Homes for Leisure Business Partners shall be resolved directly by the parties themselves. Homes for Leisure, all of its employees, managers and intermediaries shall be indemnified by the User from any payments, claims for damages and similar relating to such disputes.

References to third-party websites or services
The site contains references (for example through hyperlinks, banners or buttons) to third-party websites. Homes for Leisure has no authority over or influence on the content and policy of these websites. On these websites you are subject to the (privacy) rules of the site concerned.

If you use the services of external service providers, your use thereof shall be subject to the (privacy) rules of the service provider concerned. Homes for Leisure has no authority over or influence on the service and policy of these service providers.

Use of the (content of) Homes for Leisure's website
You are not permitted to use Homes for Leisure's website or any content thereof, which includes making it available in any way to third parties and/or duplicating the (content of) the website, other than in accordance with the aim of the website. This also means that you are not permitted, without Homes for Leisure's consent, to retrieve a substantial part of the content of the database(s) and to reuse it and/or repeatedly and systematically to retrieve and reuse non-substantial parts of the content of the database(s) within the meaning of the Dutch Databases Act (Databankenwet).

RSS feeds for personal use and/or news reports (for example use in personal weblogs or personal online media) are permitted without Homes for Leisure's prior consent. If the total number of advertisements displayed on your site or to which hyperlinks on your site refer exceeds 100, your use thereof shall be considered to be contrary to these policy rules, unless you have Homes for Leisure's prior written consent.

Acting contrary to the Conditions of Use and/or Homes for Leisure's policy
Homes for Leisure retains the right to exclude you from any further use of the site if you, in Homes for Leisure's opinion, act in any way contrary to the Conditions of Use or Homes for Leisure's other policy rules, without prejudice to Homes for Leisure's right to take further legal steps and to claim damages. If Homes for Leisure has any reasons to assume that you are in any way infringing third-party (intellectual property) rights, it shall be entitled to provide your data, including your e-mail address, to third parties.

Where doubt exists in respect of the accuracy of the data or where inaccuracies are noted, it is recommended that contact is made with the person offering the Content. Homes for Leisure shall not be responsible for damage arising either directly or indirectly due to the use of information you derive from Content on Homes for Leisure’s Website.

Rules for placing Content

Please place your advertisement in one category only. Create a separate advertisement for each home and place it in the most appropriate category.

Once you have sold your property we kindly request that you remove your Content.

It is strictly prohibited to place advertisements on Homes for Leisure other than as specified by Homes for Leisure.

Intellectual property rights

Text and/or photos of third parties may not be used without the right holder’s express consent.

Other than the name of the company that made or produced the object you are advertising, it is not permitted to use protected names or company logos in your advertisement.

You are permitted to state brand names of products with which the object offered is compatible.

Privacy policy

Saving and processing data
Homes for Leisure considers it extremely important to handle user data responsibly. Personal data is processed and protected carefully. In doing so, Homes for Leisure adheres to the strict requirements placed thereon by European privacy legislation and the legal provisions for processing personal data within the Netherlands based thereon.

If Homes for Leisure wishes to use this information, it shall take into account the preferences stipulated by the User. If the User decides to give his information to third parties via Homes for Leisure, Homes for Leisure shall in no way be responsible for the manner in which this third party handles this information.

The User is requested to read this privacy policy. By using the Homes for Leisure Website the User accepts that his information will be processed by Homes for Leisure in accordance with this privacy policy and the purposes stated therein. In general the User data is used for the following purposes:

- supporting and developing Homes for Leisure's market efforts

- improving the services and possibilities of the Homes for Leisure Website

- providing information services to relevant third parties

- supporting Homes for Leisure's Business Partners in order to provide more focused and personalised services to Users

Your rights and raising objections
At the time when the User makes his personal data available to Homes for Leisure, the User can object to this information being provided to (or allowing it to be used by) third parties. In addition, you can object at any time to your information being used for direct marketing purposes by Homes for Leisure. You can, at any point, ask to view the data we collect about you, or have the collected data corrected or removed. Requests for modifying, changing or removing apply from the time at which this request reaches Homes for Leisure.

To this effect you can send an e-mail stating your name and address to info@HomesforLeisure.com with the words 'unsubscribe' in the header.

Data protection
Homes for Leisure uses strict technical and logical security procedures to prevent, for example, unauthorised people gaining access to personal data.

User data
In order to promote use of the website and the services it offers, Homes for Leisure stores data about Users and their surfing behaviour on the website in files, with the aim of analysing this data in order to improve the design of a website so that Homes for Leisure can further optimise its services. Homes for Leisure also uses the information concerned to keep Users abreast of interesting offers of products and services, news, information about and advertising for the products and services of other company departments of Homes for Leisure and of products and services of Business Partners or carefully selected third parties, or to analyse this information for marketing purposes and to relate information to your profile.

Data provision
Homes for Leisure is entitled to provide your e-mail address and other information collected about you and the information registered by you to the following third parties:

(a) organisations and companies that form part of Homes for Leisure group of companies, at the time information is obtained or in the future;

(b) organisations and companies that process the file or parts thereof or have it/them processed, for example with the aim of analysing this file or to send out information or direct mail;

(c) organisations and companies that state that they comply with the legal provisions relating to spam and sending advertising and who will only send information to you by e-mail after having received permission from Homes for Leisure to send that specific advertising or information.

Homes for Leisure has notified the processing of your personal data (such as name, address, place of residence, telephone number, your search profile) to the Data Protection Board (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) in The Hague, which is the authority responsible for your personal data.

Homes for Leisure retains the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Therefore, you should check the Privacy Statement regularly.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact info@HomesforLeisure.com

Postal address:
Homes for Leisure
Tjaskermolen 1-7
3447 GE  Woerden
The Netherlands

Cookie policy
Homes for Leisure uses, like many Websites, "cookies" when providing its electronic services. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer's hard disk in order to recognise you when you revisit the site. These cookies are only used to facilitate your use of the website and to enable information about our company and our (new) products and services to be sent to you.

You can set your browser so that you are notified that a cookie is being placed or that it is not possible to gather cookies, which does however restrict the Website's possibilities. The domain name under which the cookies are stored is HomesforLeisure.com. The period of validity of the cookies varies from the duration of your visit to an unlimited period.  Homes for Leisure does not collect any personal data using cookies.